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Finding the Best Motorized Screens in Muskoka

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Finding the Best Motorized Screens in Muskoka
There are dozens of reason to invest in motorized screens in Muskoka. They aren’t just luxurious additions to the Cottage, they add elegance, sophistication, and functionality. The benefits of a screening system extend to any covered spaces around the cottage. Choosing the right system is easy if you’re armed with just a few tips that can aid in finding the most durable, long-lasting, and beautiful system possible for any application.


Motorized screens are frequently used for covered patios, outdoor living spaces and Muskoka Rooms, but aren’t by any means limited to a single use. Consider a motorized screen for a garage to make use of a sometimes underutilized space. If you use your garage as a workspace, imagine enjoying the fresh air without the nuisance of mosquitos as you work away. An empty garage can also be a great space for a children’s play room, giving them the feel of the outdoors with the added security of being in an enclosed space. A screen is an excellent barrier for keeping out unwanted insects and pests, and they are also great for providing protection from the sun. They can even keep your family safe from prying eyes, as privacy screens are easy to see out of, but difficult to see into.
A motorized screen can also be used on gazebos, porches, large windows, covered patios, decks, lanais, condo balconies, terraces, or any other covered space. They can be a great way for any home or business to increase air circulation and create a more comfortable environment to work or relax in. Make the most of your home by creating more family-friendly areas!


There’s certainly no shortage of companies promising the best motorized screens. Compare the quality of the extrusions, the design and the closing and opening systems. Wind Bar and Mesh Lock systems minimize damage that require extensive and expensive repairs
It’s also important to see how the screen is attached to the spline. Lesser companies tend to sew the screen on, which makes for a product that is prone to damage and will likely need to be worked on more often than any buyer would like. Aim for a screen that has been welded to the spline for a more durable system.
Wind blowout is a problem that plagues many screening systems. The Exclusive Wind Bar and Mesh Lock technology minimize the problems of expensive and lengthy repairs rep
While several companies source their parts from overseas, the most dependable motorized screens in Muskoka are fabricated with parts made in North America. It’s a sure sign that the purveyor cares not only about making a sale, but also about providing a high-quality product that is sure to last. The finest manufacturers even include a limited lifetime warranty.
Around the home or place of business, motorized screens in Muskoka are an ideal solution for countless applications. Make better use of your square-footage and create comfortable and safe spaces free from pests and harmful UV rays from the sun. The screening system of choice can be deployed and stowed with the push of a button. When making an investment in motorized screens, be sure to do your homework and choose the most durable and long-lasting screening system, able to add a touch of class.